Mollie Sugden, the T-Shirt

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Mollie Sugden, the autographed mug

Hello everybody. I don't like to go on about it but I was Mollie Sugden's bridesmaid. You know, Mollie Sugden the actress off the television. She was in lots of very very funny comedy programmes and I was her bridesmaid at her wedding where she got married. Clive has helped me on the computer to get this page together to show her how much we appreciate her work and that she is still today the most important actress of our times. Sadly, she is not yet a Dame. How unfair!

I have many souvenirs of Mollie's work. I have the serviette that she used at the wedding reception where I was the bridesmaid. It still has a stain of thousand island dressing from the delicious prawn cocktail we had as a starter. Some fans who are a bit obsessive would love to buy this on eBay but I think that kind of maniacal following of famous people is very distasteful. I have a beautiful Mollie mug (never been drunk from, of course) and a Mollie T-Shirt which Clive doesn't let me wear, or so he thinks. In fact, I am wearing it right now under my jumper and has been there since Mollie starred in the sequel to Are You Being Served: Grace And Favour in 1992. These items are available on an Are You Being Served? fanclub website but I find some of the people who are members to have a strange grasp of reality and are a bit disturbing.

My house is full of photographs of Mollie's wedding where I was bridesmaid and of Mollie's work in classic situation comedies such as Come Back Mrs. Noah (1977) in which she played the snooty Mrs. Noah, That's My Boy (1981) in which she played the snooty Ida Willis and Are You Being Served? (1973) where she played the snooty Mrs. Slocombe. Her jokes about Tiddles her pussycat were hilarious and are in the fact the basis for modern comedy shows such as that Little Britain, which is a bit rude so we don't watch it. There are lots of articles about Mollie on the internet in places like this or here.

Did somebody say Mollie Sugden?

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